Mac And Cheese Recipe

If you are one of the cheese fanatics, we would like to introduce you to 7 cheese snack recipes. Come follow us to discover delicious dishes from mac and cheese.

7 Best Mac And Cheese Homemade Recipes

1. Fried beef roll with cheese

Another name is cheesy beef egg rolls. Just prepare the simple ingredients and you can make a deep-fried beef roll. The mac and cheese recipe for this dish is also quite simple, you just need to prepare all the ingredients and follow the instructions below.


● Beef tenderloin: 500 grams. (If you don’t have beef, you can replace it with lean pork or chicken.)      

● Mozzarella: 200 grams      

● Eggs: 2 eggs      

● Wheat flour: 50 grams      

● Crispy fried flour: 70 grams      

cheesy beef egg rolls

How to make:

After buying beef, you will wash it and let it drain. Then just cut into long, thin pieces. Next you break the eggs into the bowl and beat them. Cheese is cut into strips equal to the length of the beef.      

You spread the meat on a flat surface, then add the cheese and curl. So it’s really skillful not to drop the apricots out.      

Next, you will roll the meat onto the prepared flour dish, cover the meat with dough. Next, we will dip the meat into the egg bowl. Continue to roll through a layer of deep fried flour evenly and turn with all the remaining ingredients.      

We cook a pan of oil and fry the meat. You have to fry it over medium heat to make the meat just cooked and still retain its beautiful color. This dish, we can use with chili sauce or ketchup. Fried beef roll with cheese is quite delicious and attractive, suitable to treat your loved ones on weekends.

2. Grilled cheese Enchiladas

The cheese snack that we would like to introduce to you is a cheese stick. This is one of the snacks loved by young people and it is sold in many places from summer to the street. This snack with ingredients is also extremely simple and you can still make it at home.

If you want to enjoy a cheese snack with a simple and quick, cooking method, you can try the grilled cheese Enchiladas. This is one of those dishes that has a unique taste and makes you just want to try it right away. This dish is quite popular in the US or Mexico but it is not really popular in Vietnam.

This dish is made from a mixture of corn tortillas filled with cheese and served with a spicy sauce. How to do it is quite simple, you just need to prepare all the ingredients and follow the instructions below.


● Corn cake: 4 pcs.      

● Cheese: 340 gr.      

● Onions: 1 bulb      

● Enchilada sauce: 480 ml      

● Scallion: 3-4 plants      

● Chili powder soup: 3 tbsp.      

● Flour: 3 tbsp.      

● Cocoa powder: 1 scoop.      

● Coffee with dry basil: ½ teaspoon.      

● Garlic: 3-4 cloves.      

● Water: 710ml.      

● Tomato sauce: 237ml      

How to make:

We will shred the cheese first. Onions are peeled and sliced ​​awkwardly. The green onion is chopped and the garlic is peeled and chopped. Before preparing food, it is important to preheat the oven. We need to heat up the oven at 350 degrees C which equates to 180 degrees Celsius.      

Prepare a pot and add ingredients including tomato sauce, minced garlic, basil, flour, cocoa powder, chili powder, and salt and mix well with a spoon. We proceed to heat the boiling water and then simmer again so that all the ingredients are dissolved together. Next, you just need to catch a pan on the stove and add a little cooking oil to heat. Fried yellow corn cake evenly on both sides. On each side of the crust, we only need to fry for about 1 minute. Line the cornflakes on the plate and add some onion, shredded cheese and green onion inside. We will proceed to roll the cornbread for all the rest of the ingredients.      

When you have finished preparing the cornflakes, they will be placed on a baking tray. Add the spicy marinade to the top and a little more cheese is done. Bake for about 5 minutes until cheese is melted and we will sprinkle leaves on the cake. Take out the cake and add a little more scallion to enjoy. This is one of the vegan snacks if you like meat, you can add it.      

This dish has a spicy, fatty taste that stimulates the taste of people. And this is also one of the perfect options for you to use instead of meals during the day. If you do not want to eat rice as usual, you can try this dish. Sometimes the modification will make you feel better and stimulate the taste buds.

3. “Pizza” rice

If you are bored with traditional meals, you can try making pizza rice. This is also one of the most attractive cheese snacks. This recipe will help you have a delicious, delicious and nutritious meal with just a few steps below.


● Rice: 1 bowl.      

● Mozzarella: 50 grams.      

● Thinly sliced ​​sausage: 1 stick.      

● Sweet corn: 2 tablespoons.      

● Chopped optional green vegetables.      

● Tomato sauce.      

pizza rice cheese snack

How to make:

First, you must weigh the rice into a round ball and then squeeze it into a piece about 1 cm thick. Then we will spread ketchup on one side of the rice.     

Next we will cover the surface of the rice with thin sliced ​​cheese, add corn and other vegetables, and sprinkle with a layer of shredded cheese.      

Finally, we will put this rice in the oven and bake at 200 degrees C for 6 minutes. After 6 minutes of baking, you will have delicious pizza rice. 

4. Sweet potato cake filled with cheese

A cheese snack you can try is a cheese sweet potato pie. This is one of the yellow cakes that mixes the outside and the inside of the meat is quite soft. You can try your hand at making cakes from familiar sweet potatoes to treat the whole family at the weekend reunions.


● Boiled sweet potatoes: 180 grams. If you don’t have sweet potatoes, replace them with potatoes      

● Non-glutinous rice flour: 100 grams.      

● Mozzarella: 50 grams.      

● Soft cheese: 2 slices.      

● Sugar: 1 teaspoon.      

● Salt: 1 pinch.      

● Warm water about 80 degrees: 70 ml      

Sweet potato cake filled with cheese

How to make:

Boiled sweet potato mixed with rice flour, sugar, salt and warm water. You must knead thoroughly until the dough is soft and smooth and no longer sticking to your hands.   

We will proceed to divide the dough into small balls and then laminate. Note that we should not be too thin because this will melt the cheese wrap. Put two cheeses cut into a round shape. Make the stove to boil the oil and fry the cake in submerged oil until the cake has a beautiful golden color.      

5. Morazella Salad

A cheese snack that you can try at home is Salad. With just a few simple steps, you can make this at home. With about 15 minutes and two steps, you can have a delicious salad.


● Mozzarella: 100 grams      

● Tomatoes: 2 fruits      

● Cucumber: 1 fruit      

● Lettuce: 50 grams      

● Salt: 1 teaspoon      

● Sugar: 1 teaspoon      

● Seasoning powder: 1 teaspoon      

● Olive oil: 1 teaspoon      

● Balsamic vinegar: 1 teaspoon      

Morazella Salad

How to make

The first step is to prepare the ingredients. Washed tomatoes and cucumbers then cut into thin slices. Lettuce is cut into bite-sized pieces.      

Next, you will put the cucumber tomatoes and vegetables on a plate. Next, we will cut the cheese on top of the vegetables, sprinkle with salt, sugar, seasoning powder and then add oil and vinegar. This salad can be served with sandwiches or toast.      

6. Baked sandwich with cheese

A cheese snack that you can try on a sandwich is a Toast Sandwich. You can try variations to create an incredibly delicious dish. This dish can feel the greasy taste of cheese and when it is crispy the cheese flavor becomes stronger.


● Sandwich: 4 slices      

● Mozzarella: 50 grams      

● Sausage: 2 plants      

● Tomato: 1 fruit      

● Basil leaves: 20 grams      

How to make:

First, slice the sausage, cheese, and tomatoes into a pomegranate shape. The basil leaves, we chopped. Sandwich cuts the edges on the outside.      

We will proceed to put the sandwich into a cupcake mold. The next step is to simply sprinkle the sausage, tomato and cheese on top. Add some basil leaves to add color and aroma to the cake.      

Finally, we will put the cake in the oven and cook for 15 minutes at 170 degrees c. With just a few simple steps, you have a delicious and creamy Toast Sandwich.      

7. Potato cheese balls cake

A cheese snack that you can try is a cheese fries potato cake. This is one of the most eye-catching cakes with a crust that is crispy and has a creamy taste on the inside. This cake is suitable for making appetizers for parties or simple picnics with loved ones. This is one of the foods the kids love


● Potatoes: 100 gr      

● Cheese: 60 gr      

● Black pepper: 1/4 teaspoon      

● Garam masala powder: 1 pinch      

● Cilantro or parsley: 1.5 tbsp      

● Cornstarch or wheat flour: 3.5 – 4 tbsp      

● Salt: 1 little      

Potato cheese balls cake

How to make:

First, prepare the ingredients by peeling potatoes and washing them into small pieces. You guys bring cheese to the crumbs. Next, put the potatoes in a pot to steam or boil evenly. However, by steaming them, the potatoes will keep the deliciousness and sweetness of the potato. When your potatoes are prime, crush them with a spoon.      

Then, add 1/4 teaspoon pepper, a pinch of garam masala and 1/5 tablespoon of chopped parsley. Then add 4 tablespoons of cornstarch or flour and mix well. You should mix your hands well so that all the ingredients are mixed together. Add shredded cheese and two pinches of salt and mix well. You can check if the taste is right for you, if needed, you can add salt or pepper. After that, we will mold it into small balls.      

Place a saucepan on the stove to pour oil and then boil it. When the oil is boiling, fry the loaf and fry the sides. The golden fried cake, we will take out paper towels or oil absorbent paper to remove the excess oil. After processing this dish, it can be eaten with chili sauce or ketchup.      

If you want to enjoy new cheese dishes, you can apply the above mac and cheese recipes. What are you waiting for without raising your hands to buy ingredients to start in the kitchen. Wishing you all success and being able to enjoy the delicious flavors of Italy with your family.

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