2021 Home decoration trending

The popular home décor trends for 2021 include versatile interiors that can use a variety of materials.

The latest home decoration ideas in this year 

Traditional home décor, comfortable cozy styles are back

For example, if you’ve had a formal living room for many years, you might be trying to think of a way to turn it into a more engaging and functional space.

Bring comfort and tradition by bringing simple, curvaceous furniture into your home

Traditional home décor, comfortable cozy styles are back

Experts say people who want their homes to be more comfortable: “Look for sofas, chairs, and armchairs that look and feel comfortable – something you can really curl up and watch TV or read a good book.

“Choose furniture that is less minimalistic or mid-century, and instead more traditional, with simple decorative carvings and knotted wooden surfaces,” she added, like chairs. simple in this dining room.

The mid-century style has yet to cool down

The mid-century style has yet to cool down

Last year, many furniture designers predicted that Mid-Century Modern will get a lot of attention. Mod Visionary, a sub-style of the Mid-Century Modern, gained popularity this year. Most of them are drawn to the clean and easygoing lines of the Mid-Century style.

Why is this style so popular? One of its advantages is to help save space, making the home space smaller. So the rise in popularity of the Mod Visionary is likely to reflect people’s need to maximize the size of small spaces through convenient yet beautiful furnishings!

The traditional & classic style is increasingly popular

The traditional & classic style home decor

Over the years, Traditional and Classic styles have always been the styles that are least favored by customers. However, by 2020, Traditional and Classic styles are two of the styles with the most noticeable growth. Traditional is up 6% in popularity and Classic is up 11%.

Why? In times of uncertainty, people tend to look for more safety in their space. And the familiarity of Traditional and Classic design elements is really the medicine to make the space more beautiful. This may also reflect the fact that so many people are moving away from urban spaces to more traditionally rural or suburban homes.

Personalize the house according to your personality

While bold and busy styles weren’t popular this year, the personalized style has increased 13% in popularity. We find that all the time at home, people want to put some personality into their space. And eclectic style (which combines the old and the new, the interplay of oriental and western styles) offers more opportunities to reflect the preferences and personality of the occupants.

Interior renovation trend in the house

By 2021, people made a lot of changes in their homes – prioritizing home office designs and adding functionality to their spaces.

2021 is the year of interior design change

By 2021, 69% of people reported being involved in a home redesign project. COVID-19 is a big driver of how people stick to their home with 11% of people moving during this time, 22% realizing how disorganized their home is and 22% of people feel like found dissatisfied with their design style or furniture. Basically, many people welcome a change in their homes this year!

Add home office

No surprise here: COVID’s shutdown leads to a lot of home office designs. Starting April 2020, home office design requirements are steadily increasing – a 27% increase over the same period last year. They now account for 10% of all rooms. And office furniture sales in April 2020 are three times higher than in April 2019. The most popular design styles in the office? Modern and minimalistic, with 27% of total offices designed to be clean and convenient, in the Mid-Century direction.

home office

Light is very important 

Natural light and plenty of windows are a top priority in their home office – and that’s very reasonable. Natural light is not only good for our mood and mental health, but it’s also beneficial for working from home.

Many people working from home, people have moved from temporary to more permanent setups, investing in ergonomic chairs and storage while still appreciating a nice space. And we think the interior design has certainly influenced the desire for a beautiful but organized space.

In addition to all that, 10% of people are looking for their home office to do dual work like the living room, home gym, or hobby room.

Design trends for each room in the house

Baby/infant room designs (nursery) hit an all-time high in June 2021. The percentage of customers choosing a nursery design in June 2020 was above 40% of the 2020 average.

And sales in the children’s product category grew 60% between June 2019 and June 2020. That means the explosion in children’s living spaces COVID-19 is real.

Living rooms tend to gradually reduce design needs but instead choose to buy pre-packaged products

Living rooms tend to gradually reduce design needs but instead choose to buy pre-packaged products

And not surprising, how the world will change this year. While people are still designing their living rooms, the popularity of other rooms is growing like never before. Many people are prioritizing the functions of other spaces, such as home offices or rooms that incorporate many different uses. 

The combined office The Bedroom is the second most popular design in 2021

The combined office The Bedroom is the second most popular design in 2021

When people consider design plans for 2021, the living room, home office and bedroom top the list. Overall, people are focusing on affordable upgrades, first and foremost, with most people planning to spend up to $ 1,500 on room refreshes.

After a year of turmoil with frozen social activities and the shifting to working from home, the year 2021 is expected to usher in new interior decoration trends. Hope our suggestions above will help you to have more home decoration ideas in this new year.

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