Well, as of Wednesday, October 1st, we are officially KINGBURGIANS! That’s right, ½ of the Corums (me – Jenn) have moved into the new home and are settling in nicely. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how easily I’ve taken the move. After all, I’ve only moved about 4 times in my lifetime and moving to Visalia was quite earth-shattering for me! Kingsburg is a beautiful town and our house is already starting to feel like home to me. I love to sit in my now “favorite chair” and look out at the vineyard. It’s so relaxing.The move itself was long and exhausting and the soreness in both of our bodies is clear evidence of that. There seemed to be no end to the mountain of boxes and stuff, both at my parents house and at the storage unit I’ve been filling for almost 3 years now. You wouldn’t believe the amount of dust that accumulates after 3 years.


Just the beginning of the mountains of boxes…

The storage unit – finally empty!

Now, there is a mountain of flattened boxes and trash that I have no clue how we are going to dispose. We might have to do some random dumpster dropping. Shhh! Our list of projects is long and growing by the day, but it’s also fun to work on the house and turn it into home. We’re learning and laughing about the quirks of a country farmhouse… if you’ve seen our 2nd “open air” bathroom toilet and coffin-like shower, you know what I’m talking about.

It’s hard to believe that the wedding is just 25 days away. Ryan and I are so excited and SO READY to be married. Time flies and drags at the same time. We just can’t wait to be THE CORUMS!


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