I couldn’t resist. Christmas music has been calling to me. Yes, I know it’s October and Christmas is months away. It’s also pretty obvious that there are other quite important things on the horizon for me and the hubs-to-be (duh, aren’t we getting married in 23 days?!) but I needed a mood lifter and Christmas music fit the bill. Cut to me singing I’ll Be Home For Christmasat the top of my lungs while traveling 99 southbound this morning. It was wonderful. I got all teary-eyed and everything. How cheesy, huh?I discovered another quirk of farmhouse/country living last night. A quirk that I don’t necessarily like. Apparently, when you live in the middle of groves and orchards, there will occasionally be loud farm equipment running now and then, right? I didn’t realize this would go on from 6pm to umm… MIDNIGHT. This large tractor thing with claws showed up around dinner time and didn’t leave until the early hours this morning. By midnight I resorted to earplugs so I wouldn’t have to hear the revving, shifting and screeching anymore. Call me crazy, but aren’t there noise ordinances for stuff like that? FYI, I fell in love with the country house because it’s QUIET. Come on Kingsburg!!! Help me out!

The offending tractor… but imagine it with raptor-like claws

The house is really starting to come together and feel more livable. I can’t believe it’s already been a week. I’m looking forward to spending some time in the kitchen and testing out the oven. I’ve got an itch to do some baking. I think that’s my way of blessing the house. Warm cookies from the oven will soon follow…


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