Ryan and I have just returned from a fun-filled weekend with the in-laws-to-be (Ry’s parents) where we were spoiled beyond belief, filled to the brim with decadent food and received some much needed rest and relaxation. The long 5-hour drive to Willows was well worth it, despite the kooky cabin fever type of behavior that Ryan and I begin to engage in after several hours cramped in a car. Weird noises, annoying singing, drumming on everything in sight, air piano… the list is endless.

I hit the sack pretty much right after we arrived as I had spent the afternoon literally running around downtown Visalia during a corporate team building event – the most FUN high tech scavenger hunt ever called The Go Game!

But, Ryan and mom stayed up until 3 AM talking and catching up. Note to self: The Corums are talkers! The next day we went up to Chico and spent the afternoon shopping. Note to Corums: Jennifer LOVES shopping! We had a lot of fun and ended up shopping several hours longer than anticipated. We headed back to the house and then shared a really wonderful and special meal with the family. The delicious dinner was served on the china that was gifted to Ryan’s parents for their wedding. They in turn gifted us with a wonderful and generous gift of our own to treasure.

The next day we attended service at Ryan’s home church, which is always nice and intimate. After attending fairly large churches all of my life, I’ve grown very fond of small churches. It’s always special to spend time at Ryan’s because he has so much history there. I love to hear new stories of the fun times they’ve had with him. That afternoon, we had a wonderful and overwhelming couples shower at the church or, as Ryan refers to it, a combined bridal and MAN shower. We received a complete mountain of gifts that took a few hours just to open up. We are so blessed and still quite overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity. We had a fun time eating the wonderful lunch, sharing stories about our adventures as a couple and opening gifts. Thank goodness we brought a large vehicle to pack everything into!

The wedding is just 17 days away and we can both hardly believe it. Time is passing so quickly. It kind of feels like, “READY OR NOT… WE’RE GETTING MARRIED.” Yay! We are really excited – for the wedding, to see all of our friends and family coming out, to honeymoon in Maui and to start building our lives together in our new home. The list of blessings seems pretty endless right now.


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