We’ve successfully wrapped another busy weekend on the road to the Corum-Punt Wedding ’08. It feels like weekends have just become benchmarks on the countdown to wedding, where the goal is to check things off “The List” as rapidly as possible. I’m getting to a point where I’m really starting to despise “The List”… 🙂

This past weekend marked the 4th and final bridal shower for me, which was like all the rest – friends, food, fun and overwhelming. No really, you CAN get tired of opening presents! And, for some reason, I break out in hot flashes when doing so. I think I get embarrassed or overwhelmed or something? Because by the end, I’m usually dripping sweat, fanning my face and praying for it to be the last present I open. Yikes. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. I’m just overwhelmed at how much attention and spoiling this whole engagement thing has brought us. I’m not as into attention as you might think. 😉

This past weekend also marked my last Sunday attending Grace Community Church as well, which was bittersweet. It’s like God knew that I needed a little “hug” because the service was especially good and the choir sang – which was special for me since some of my favorite times at GCC were spent singing with the choir. It was a nice service. At the same time, I feel at peace to move on and join my husband(-to-be) at Kingsburg Evi Free. I feel at home there in a way that is almost unreal. It’s helped make that largely transitional point of my life that much easier.

The weekend also contained a fun and new experience for me. A well-timed gift at my shower (crockpot, apron and all the ingredients for a wonderful meal) turned into the first meal that I got to cook for Ryan and his roommate Jeff at the new house. Crockpot chili and cornbread were on the menu and I thought I did pretty well. I snapped a picture of the table, knowing that for ME, it would be a memorable experience and something fun to share. I got a few mumbled compliments between slurps and chews, so I suppose I did okay. I think I’m getting a good preview of what’s it’s like to be a Mrs. 🙂

Our humble little table
Ryan and I are hanging in there and counting down the last 12 days of our engaged life. I think the countdown might turn into hours soon. God has blessed us in countless ways – By stretching our finances in subtle and encouraging ways, giving us peace in times of stress and surrounding us with love and encouragement. The reality of the wedding quickly approaching is just starting to set in. We keep saying, “In two weeks, we’ll be married!” “In two weeks we’ll be in Hawaii!” “In two weeks…” followed by lots of squealing and jumping up and down. (I do most of the squealing).

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