We’re getting married in a week. What?! Yes, it’s true. Believe it.

Because I can’t think too hard about that for the danger of never getting any work done because I still can’t truly wrap my mind around it, I will move on to other topics [run on sentence, I know]. Last night, some dear and true friends, Rachel and Amie, joined me for a near all-night crafting fest in order to get our wedding programs done.

The crew – Shift 1

Cutie Rachel tying her heart out

Amie moving so fast that you almost can see it!

From the hours of 7:30 to MIDNIGHT, we glued, hole punched, hole punched again, and tied together 200+ of those lovely little things. I now believe that true friends are the type that 1) will drive you to the airport an any gosh-awful hour of the day or night, 2) will help you move, and 3) work on tedious projects like wedding programs with you. I just had no clue how time consuming something like that would be. And, if I didn’t have my heart set on the wedding having unique and handmade touches, I would have ditched the project long ago. I had probably already spent a good 6 hours of my own prepping them.

Pretty huh? And if I see you throw one away… there will be pain!

Ryan started out the evening with us, but had to leave, which was fine as we got a chance to indulge in girl talk and cookies, so it wasn’t all bad. I just didn’t quite have the heart to tell them I still need help putting together the cake favor boxes. Ugh…

Country living has revealed a new little quirk. Bugs. Lots of bugs. Big bugs. Bugs that you shouldn’t find in a home. I’ve killed a scorpion (yes, it really was a scorpion and don’t doubt my abilities to identify and kill all kinds of insect/arachnid species), several spiders and some weird looking black crickets that kind of freak me out… but this morning, I was greeted by this little fellow on the window…

I shall call him Solomon

I know it doesn’t look huge… but it was HUGE. Like 6 inches long. Yuck.

I do want to draw attention to the pretty lower right portion of the photo because it was a BEAUTIFUL morning again at the house. I love watching the sun slowly creep up and peak over the mountains as I drive away. It’s pretty breathtaking. Pictures don’t ever seem to do it justice.


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