We are officially The Corums! Yay! Of course, this news is about 12 days old, but life has understandably been full and busy and somewhat chaotic still. We are absolutely loving married life and are still counting the many blessings that we’ve been showered with. God is so good. I love waking up and looking over at Ryan and knowing that God placed this absolutely perfect man in my life, just for ME. He’s amazing.

Wedding and honeymoon pictures will soon follow. It’s just been hard trying to pull all of that together. Especially since my computer crashed on Sunday (RIP Dell Dimension PC… you were good to me for the last 5 years) and Ryan’s laptop is well on it’s way to joining the PC grave. The new computer is on it’s way and should arrive sometime next week. Internet was installed today. Things are coming along nicely. Yay!

Our new and wildly comfortable couch was delivered on Tuesday. It’s gorgeous and we absolutely love it. Solely for the fact that we don’t have to sit on a beach chair and bean bag chair anymore (though we still love and cherish that bean bag). I promptly fell asleep on it last night after laying for just a few minutes and poor Ryan ended up carrying me to bed. I’m still not sure where to place the couch and how to make it all “work”. We need a coffee table, lamps and some other little accents to pull it all together. I guess that will happen when money shows up in our accounts. πŸ™‚

We’re headed up to Ryan’s hometown of Willows for the weekend for our second wedding reception. Ryan’s mother has been hard at work planning this this for the last few months. I know it will be beautiful and loads of fun and that our bellies will be full. Apparently, my Dutch heritage is not the only one that thinks that food = love. πŸ˜‰

Pictures are coming soon…


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