Long time, no blog. I know. It’s been busy. Not as busy as the wedding and the days following, but still, fairly busy. Pictures are still in the works…

Ryan and I are settling into our schedules. It’s been hard getting used to both of us being at work all day and having just a few hours of quality time together. And sometimes, it’s filled with us working on the house or running around on errands and shopping. Not that I’m complaining about shopping! I can’t express how fun it was to go to Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond with gift cards and spend like it didn’t matter. It also feels amazing to be at place where I can honestly say that not only are our NEEDS met, but we’ve also been blessed with so much extra.

The largest annoyance of the new house the ridiculous nonstop annoying phone calls all evening. When we signed up for a home phone, we now-reluctantly neglected to make sure our phone number was unlisted and not on every call list on the planet. At first, it started with lots of sales phone calls. Six or so calls a night. Now, it has morphed into a dozen or more phone calls a night for someone named “Kathy”. Everyone is looking for “Kathy”. But we don’t know “Kathy”, and based on the nature of the phone calls, we don’t want to know “Kathy”. One thing is for sure, we do not like “Kathy”. She has ruined our last few quiet nights with phone calls. So annoying!

Ryan and I have no big plans for Thanksgiving, and are beyond happy with that. We’ve made a conscious choice to spend our first holiday together, alone, and relaxing. I’m not even cooking for Thanksgiving… * GASP * It’s true. We’re going to do the restaurant thing, though I may pull something together for dessert. Then we are going to go home, lock the doors, unplug the phone, maybe light a fire and watch the movies we rented in peace and quiet. It will be glorious. I’m also trying to think of a cute new tradition that we can establish. I need ideas.

We wish you a happy, blessed, and fun Thanksgiving with friends and family. May your turkey be succulent, your mashed potatoes be creamy and your desserts rich. Most of all, may you find some time to consider the blessings you’ve been gifted this year. I know we will… My favorite blessing is this handsome guy:


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