I almost forgot to introduce the newest member of the Corum country farm! This is Rena. She’s a horse. And she lives at our house! Yay! Say “hi” everyone! She was really skittish when she first got here, but she’s pretty calm now and is making herself at home. I think she is a long way from being ridden, but she seems to be enjoying her little patch of the farm.

Rena is a sweet white horse of some kind of breed that I can’t remember right now. She loves apples and carrots and loves to have afternoon chats (she is my personal counselor right now). She’s really friendly but hates unexpected loud noises and cars driving by, but then, so do I, so we get along well. She has long bangs that sometimes cover her eyes. She pretends that she is shy but is quick to run over and hang out when you visit her.

I should explain that Rena is not OUR horse, but is living in our corral and belongs to our very nice new neighbors. I can’t tell you how nice it is to look out at the front yard and see her staring back at me – as if our already beautiful view could get any better! She’s our own personal guard horse and our adopted pet, for now. (Ryan wants a dog and I’m not convinced that we’re ready for that yet).

We’re slowly becoming good friends with Rena and are trying to spend time with her every day, even if it just for a few minutes. Welcome Rena!


One thought on “Everyone, meet Rena. Rena, this is everyone.

  1. Erin says:

    She’s an Arabian. 😉 She’s beautiful! I’m so jealous.

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