Wow, that was a busy weekend! I think I can speak for my husband and say that we are completely exhausted. It didn’t even feel like a weekend and went by way too fast. We’re hard at work on the last few projects at home and are glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our biggest downfall has been not having the tools necessary to do any given job. But, we are Corums! We are tough! And we are improvisers! Sometimes, it works out nicely, and other times, not so much.

Saturday, we had in mind to work on refinishing our closet unit. We didn’t really anticipate sleeping in until 11, but that is exactly what happened. I guess our bodies knew that we would need the rest? After we did get moving, we emptied everything out of the closet, got prepped and started sanding. Small room + no ventilation + industrial belt sander = messy messy chaos. The sander was giving us trouble. The dust was incredible and thick in the air. And, it just took a lot more effort than we anticipated. We went through all of our sandpaper, and all of our patience, and decided that we needed a break and better equipment. We got a good start, but have a long way to go…

So, Ryan moved on to installing our new mailbox. This was also problematic because the US Postal Service has standards as to how high your mailbox can be mounted. Ours was about 8 inches too high. So, after attempting to hack 6 inches off our mail post with a tiny electric saw with a draining battery…we again resigned to give up and get some better equipment. We did end up borrowing an old fashioned saw from a friend, and Ryan expertly installed the thing by the end of the very cold day. It looks good and was the one project we finished successfully. Check that one off the list!

The closet is still in the works. We decided we didn’t have the heart or energy to start on it again and will likely spend the rest of the week working on it, an hour or two at a time. Instead, Ryan spent Sunday afternoon getting our fireplace ready for the winter. He successfully built up a nice fire that really warmed the house. It’s nice having a fireplace again. While he worked on that I spend endless hours editing the few wedding photos we have from friends’ cameras and ordered some thank you cards for the wedding. I think they will turn out nice.

Wow, writing all of those thank yous is going to be a chore. Before the wedding, I set a personal goal to have them finished by January 1st since I heard that most brides take 6 months or more to do it. I’m not so sure that is a realistic goal now, but I do have some mandatory time off around Christmas, so I guess I can work through them in batches.

We capped off Sunday evening with yet another trip to Home Depot. I swear that we spend more time in Lowe’s and Hope Depot than any other stores! We should have the necessary tools now to finish at least one project. By the end of the day, my head was pounding, so we picked up a Me N Ed’s pizza and crashed on the couch. Where did the weekend go?!

It’s starting to get dark so early, and that’s something I hate about winter. The days are so short and there is still so much to do. At the end of chaotic days, I just want to take a long walk in the orchards.


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