The hubs, hard at work
Ryan and I made like busy bees last night and got back to work on the closet for another hour. It’s surprising how much work we got done in just one hour. It really does help when you have the right tools… and teamwork is always a good thing. Still, for just an hour of work, it was exhausting, and likely a health hazard based on how must dust we must have been inhaling. We resorted to tying a dish towel and t-shirt over our mouths to try and cut down on the dust a little.

A more realistic photo of the air

It’s looking much better but we’ve still got a long way to go… finer sanding to do, cleaning up the dust, staining everything, dry time and then sealing it, more dry time… then moving everything back in. It’s a bit discouraging, but I know we’ll get it done and it will end up looking much nicer. I just need to keep mediating upon that and put up with the ¼ inch of dust coating everything and mounds of stuff in our bedroom. That’s not easy for an obsessive Dutch woman like me. I’m just hoping we can get it done by Christmas. And to think… we thought we could finish it in a weekend?! Ha!

So close, but still so far!


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