It’s become a rainy end to a beautiful weekend. I’m finally starting to feel some Christmas spirit coming on. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I finally caved and asked Ryan if we could get a Christmas tree. He gladly agreed that despite our tight budget, we needed one. So, on the very cold Friday night, we drove out to ‘R Christmas Trees in Kingsburg, paid way too much, and picked up a beautiful little noble fir, small enough to fit in my Pontiac but big enough to look at home in our living room. The house already smells like evergreen and I just love it! I smile every time I walk by the tree.

On Sunday, which was an absolutely beautiful, clear day in the valley, Ryan and I attended my home church with my family in Visalia to watch the Christmas program they were doing. It was so nice to sit there with my family and my new husband and hear beautiful Christmas music and the Christmas story. I couldn’t help but think back to last year at Christmas. I was up on that stage with the choir performing the Christmas program. Ryan was in the audience watching. We had just met but I knew he was someone special and I whispered to the ladies around me that I had met a really great guy and, “he’s here!” We went out for dessert with friends after that program. Little did I know that one year later, I would be sitting in the audience with that guy, as his wife! So much can happen in one year.

We spent the afternoon with my family, ate a huge lunch and hung around. The boys went out to the new Sportsman’s Warehouse while I lounged on the couch and watched the Purina Dog Challenge. It was nice and relaxing and just what I needed. We headed home in the afternoon and I finally got around to decorating our little tree. It’s a wonder how pretty one old strand of lights and a few borrowed ornaments can dress up a tree. It’s simple, but it’s beautiful and just what I needed to lift my spirits.


One thought on “The wonder of a Christmas tree

  1. To my dear sweet sister in Christ, I know the whole tight budget, can we get a Christmas tree question. Just to let you know, that Michael’s already has their ornaments on sale. The Christmas day right after Jeff and I got engaged I took off to a drug store to pick up 1/2 off ornaments and I still have them, or course!!!! Your tree is beautiful just the way it is, but I am always all about a sale, and love to pass it on!!!!

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