I don’t know if it’s the season or just a sudden realization of the world around me, but everything seems so beautiful lately. Yesterday, because of all the recent storms and clearing of the fog, we had one of those rare days where you could see the mountains clear down to the foothills, all caked in fresh, white snow. They were gorgeous. Breathtaking. The kind of view that makes you swerve in your car and almost hit a bike rider (okay, that was just me). I took this quick shot of the clouds on my cell while driving home from work yesterday.

It doesn’t even do the view justice. When I got home, I ran and grabbed my nice digital camera and started snapping photos of the mountains. Sadly, none of them came out well. I need to re-educate myself on the settings… but it was just a beautiful day and I didn’t need to capture it on film. The fading peachy golden light magnifying off the snowy mountain caps is burned into my memory. I love days like that.


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