Oh my gosh, Christmas is 3 days away! I can hardly believe it. Time has absolutely flown by and I don’t just mean the month of December. Ryan and I have been so busy settling into married life, Ryan’s new job, house projects, new family routines and so much more. It’s no wonder that we are both so incredibly tired right now. The time off involved with the holidays will surely be a blessing this year. I foresee many naps in our future.
We made some more progress on the dreaded closet project this weekend. It’s safe to say that we may be finished by Christmas! Because of the domino effect of this closet (getting it done will help so many other things – our bedroom will finally be clean, we’ll have extra storage, all of our stuff will be in one place…) our relief is palpable right now. It just needs a few coats of sealer/varnish and some new hardware and we’re good to go. We also found some time to install some curtain rods, hang some shelves and photos and a few other homey touches over the weekend. Each day the house looks better and better and I feel more at home. Our new stress involves a little mouse that has entered our residence and refuses to die. He’s tricky. And he seems to be able to avert any traps that we put down. It’s always something…

Soooooo close….

This weekend also marked our first Christmas Party and dinner party with Ryan’s new boss. We had a lovely meal (lamb, roasted chicken, Cracker Barrel potatoes, sweet potatoes, challah bread and salad… and a few bottles of wine) and a fun time getting to know Ryan’s boss and family and a few other co-workers. They are such nice people and I feel blessed that my husband can work in such a good environment full of support and encouragment. I know we’ve both been in much worse positions at work and hope that we never take that for granted.

Now we just have to get through a couple of days of work before we can truly enjoy the best of the holiday – family, friends, food, fun and more. I can hardly wait!


One thought on “Countdown to Christmas

  1. Here is a little mouse hunting tips. Get yourself some mouse poision and shake it around your garage if you have one, or outside of where your kitchen is and lay a few sticky traps with food on it!We fought a few mice when we lived in Kingsburg. I was Prego with baby #2 and was totally wigged out about them!Oh, and Merry Micemus….ugh I mean….Merry Christmas!!!!

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