I fully intended to use my mandatory time off from work to update and post on a semi-regular basis, especially with the holidays in the mix, but things just never quite work out how you plan them.

Ryan and I had a very nice Christmas, New Year and everything in between, though as with most holidays, the time went by way too fast. We started Christmas off the best way possible… sleeping in and then enjoying a lazy breakfast together. We opened the presents we got for each other under our cute little tree and had a nice quiet morning. I got Ryan some Wii games, a guitar pedal, his favorite boxers and some specialty vodka for our should-be-world-famous martinis. Ryan got me some DVDs (How I Met Your Mother and My Boys), a cool camping hat, a subscription to Bon Appetite magazine, and… a Wii Fit!!! We both got a little carried away in buying things for each other… but I guess all newlyweds are probably like that. We both love giving gifts.

For the afternoon, we headed over to the Punt family home to snack on hors de oeuvres (a family tradition) and then open gifts together. Since we all seem to be in strict budgeting mode, my mom opted for silly and fun gifts this year. I think our favorite had to be the marshmallow shooting guns. My parents’ poor dogs were the victims of many mallow sniper attacks… though they seemed to love eating the marshmallows off the floor regardless if they got pinged with them first. After that, we took the dogs for a walk and then we just lazed around for the afternoon. We had a huge family feast in the evening and stuffed ourselves with ham, creamy corn spoon bread, green beans, rolls and warm apple pie. It was delicious and just a nice, simple Christmas.

The day after Christmas, Ryan had to work and I had an itch to do some after-Christmas shopping, so my mom and I headed out early in the morning, hit 4 stores (Kohl’s, Michael’s, Pier 1 and Target) within 2 hours and walked away with some great Christmas decorations (for next year) at 50 to 70% off! Score! I can hardly wait until next year when I will actually have Christmas decorations to put up, though it was kind of sad to immediately pack it away for storage. I got some great stuff and didn’t have to battle anyone to get it. The stores were all strangely quiet, thank goodness. I do not have the patience for shopping.

The next day Ryan and I headed up to Willows to do the Christmas thing with his family. As with all visits to the Corums, we were spoiled rotten with delicious food, WAY too many Christmas gifts, and so much more. We had a very nice visit and unfortunately, I didn’t take ANY photos. Actually, Ryan took one of his mom and sister asleep on the couch but I don’t think they would really care for me sharing those. J We went to Chico on Saturday, ate at Burger Hut (yummmmmmy) saw “Valkyre” (I probably murdered the spelling of that) which, despite crazy Tom Cruise being in it, was surprisingly good. We headed back home on Monday, sad that the weekend went by so quickly and that it is such a long drive home.

The time in between Christmas and the New Year was spent cleaning, tidying the house, finishing the dreaded closet project, napping, reading for long stretches of the day and watching way too many DVDs. It was nice to have the time off. It helped me truly start to feel SETTLED at home and finally take a breath and relax.

Ryan and I celebrated New Years with good friends, sipping good champagne and martinis and counting down to our own sweet anniversary. One year ago, just about a minute after midnight (he was shy), Ryan and I shared our first kiss in the living room of his Road 56 house. Just a few hours after that, we had “the relationship talk” and decided that we were together. I can’t believe it’s been a year. That feels like ancient history and just yesterday at the same time.

The rest of the weekend, I sadly spent most of on the couch, battling out the flu bug. Leave it to me to get sick the only time I have time off from work. It was a nasty thing, but revealed to me what a truly amazing, caring and loving husband I have. I used to think I was one of those people who wanted to be left alone when I was sick… you know, “lock me a bedroom and check on me occasionally to make sure I’m breathing” BUT Ryan is the best nurse in the world! He went to the store TWICE to get me vitamins and medicine. He cooked me an amazing dinner. He rubbed by cramping feet and aching legs. He put cold towels on my face and refreshed them every couple of minutes. He was…. Amazing. And, if possible, I realize even more how lucky I am to have a man like him.

Now it’s back to work, back to the real world, back to bills, schedules, traffic and life. I don’t mean that to sound quite as pessimistic as it came out… Happy 2009!!! Really!


One thought on “The Holiday Recap

  1. Becky says:

    Wait! No cheesy potatoes? I’m deeply saddened.

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