I haven’t blogged in a long while… and it’s not that there is a shortage of things going on in our lives. I guess it’s just not “blog-worthy” stuff. What I can say is that we’ve fallen nicely into a weekly routine of work, dinners, cleaning, laundry and a few moments of romance sprinkled in. We always look forward to weekends because it seems that it is the only quality time that we get to spend together. Though we know that work and all of the things of the week are important, I think we are clinging to that wonderful feeling that is “newlywedship” and strive to find time for and with each other.

But Saturday… was chore day… and chore day is just never any fun. We lazily got out of bed mid-morning and Ryan headed out to gather us some firewood for the rest of this cold winter. We burned through our first load (a wedding gift from the Haires, and a wonderful one at that) in just a matter of months. Another church family was gracious enough to allow us to take what we wanted of their firewood for free. The catch? YOU cut, YOU load, YOU transport and YOU stack. Fortunately, we have even more good friends at church because our friend Jake offered to help with the project. So the boys headed out, chainsaws in hand, to gather wood.

I stayed behind and cleaned the house… sweeped, mopped, dusted, vaccumed, scrubbed and steamped. By the end of it all, I was exhausted and I just barely had enough energy to start cooking for the church potluck. Ryan headed out for a few games of basketball with his league. I don’t know how he had the energy to do that after cutting and hauling wood for half the day. He amazes me sometimes… caffiene free and energetic as can be! Later in the evening, we headed to coffee with the Knaaks (the couple that set us up) and caught up. It had been such a long time and it felt nice to escape chores and projects around the house and enjoy some time with friends. It’s just really hard to find time to do that when you’re married and working full time (US) or have a new baby (THEM).

We woke early on Sunday: Ryan, to go to worship practice, and me, to finish cooking for our church potluck. I love church potlucks! There is just something about piling a plate high with tons of random food that doesn’t go together at all! šŸ™‚ It was delicious and fun. After the mounds of food and weekend activities started to catch up with us, we settled down and had a long afternoon nap. It was heavenly!


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