We’re quickly becoming “pet parents” and spoiling the heck out of our new addition.

Late last week Ryan went out and bought some new stuff for Jack… a dog bed (which he loves), a collar, food bowls, bones, shampoo and a brush. We put those last few things to good use this weekend and gave Jack his very first bath. He was absolutely filthy! It may have been his first bath with US, but I suspect that it was his first bath in a very long time. Once he hit the water, it was pretty much streams of mud. Our bathroom was trashed at the end of it all!

Overall, he did pretty well… he sat still, took on the water and suds like a champ, didn’t shake too much until he got outside… but I noticed as I was looking at the photos, that he has the exact same expression in every single photo. I imagine if he could talk, it would sound something like, “Why are you doing this to me? I thought you loved me?!” Poor boy.

After drying his thick fur in the sun, he seemed to perk up though. And man, he smelled a lot better!

Here are a few of my favorite shots…


One thought on “Jack’s 1st Bath

  1. Lorinda says:

    good for you with the sweet dog you’ve now adopted from the world… I think back to a time when we once took in a dog that “hung” around for awhile. We named him “chance” well, basically cuz that was our chances of keeping a stray. We gave him his first bath outside in a big tub we had, and as soon as he was clean and shook himself, he dove right into the flower bed! We laughed after the shock wore off. Chance stayed with us for awhile and our kids loved him. So enjoy Jack he’s beautiful.(friend of Helens)

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