Ryan and I had a relished in an insanely romantic and creative date night… cutting firewood together!!! 🙂 Desperate times, call for desperate measures and while we’d love to continuously pour money down the drain by paying for propane every few weeks, we’ve resorted to some old-school country living and are heating our home primarily through wood burning fires. There is a romantic quality to a flickering fire in our living room, and it does put out insane amounts of heat. In fact, that is how Ryan used to lure me all the way out to Reedley when we were dating. He’d just send me a text message and a photo of a fire he had started and I’d come, like a moth to a flame.

But, because of our reliance on these fires, our reliance on wood has become rather desperate. We’ve gone through 2 full piles of wood in just 4 months or so, which is sad considering that this hasn’t been a particularly cold winter. Heat just leaks out of our home way too quickly. Folks, not that you would know it until you were looking for it, but wood is not cheap. Great business venture for those who have it, but we were looking for a deal. Thank goodness, we are blessed to have some friends who had piles of wood from some trees they ripped out, just sitting there. Of course, you cut it and stack it, but for an hour or so of hard labor, it’s worth it.

So, we geared up after work and headed out to saw, stack and stockpile some more wood. It was actually kind of fun. We finished just as the sun was dipping below the horizon. And wow, there’s just something about a man with a chainsaw…


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