I haven’t had much to blog about lately, but I guess that’s what happens when you work non-stop (both of us) and spend the rest of the time tending to the chores of life – laundry, dishes, dusting, grocery shopping, etc.. I suppose if we were really boring people we’d blog about that, but I have more pride than that. So, I will blog about our dog and his rocks. 🙂

No really, Jack has developed this weird and kind of cute habit of toting around and sort of chewing on large rocks. I don’t even know where he gets most of them. He brings them to the front door. He brings them to the back door. He leaves them next to my car… and we’re not talking about small rocks. We’re talking about fairly large river rocks. He’s a weirdo, but it’s better than when he brings me gophers that he has killed and is carrying around. GAH-ROSS!

I’m really glad he is around and thankful that he showed up at our back door. He’s the best free dog I’ve ever received. I’m extraordinarily glad the he will be around and keep me company since Ryan will be away from home for training for his job for the next two months. Thank God that Ryan plans on coming home on weekends or I would totally lose my mind.

We are doing well and keeping busy, mostly at work. Yearbook season is at its peak so I’m completely busy and somewhat overwhelmed at work, but the hours pass by quickly so I am thankful. I have just 8 or 9 more weeks of craziness before things will calm down again. Ryan has transitioned to a new/old job with AAA. He is doing so well already and is sure to be a huge success. Though it may not be his life’s passion, he has a gift for insurance and seems to have regained that “spark”. After he returns from training in June, I’m sure he’ll take off like a rocket in insurance sales. It’s been a blessing for our strapped pockets and for our burdened minds.

We’re making a big effort to keep at least one date night a week and find time to nurture our still-new marriage. I regret that I haven’t been toting around my camera lately to get any photos of us (besides the many of the dog… he’s just so handsome!). I’ll have to work on that.

Today marks 5 months of marriage. How sweet it has been and how quickly time is flying by!


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