Last night we got together with my family and celebrated my beautiful mother’s 54th birthday. It was so much fun and such a reminder of what great families Ryan and I have. With life being so busy for all of us, it was nice to take a break from it all and celebrate something. My mom has always been so good at the birthday thing, and I wanted her to have a piece of that for herself.

We started off with a delicious and filling dinner at String’s, a personal favorite of my parents’. The diets definitely went out the window with that meal! I think I gained weight just LOOKING at the delicious food. Any meal that starts with all-you-can eat salad and bread is a good thing. 🙂 Ryan had a giant pesto chicken calzone and I tried a very cool pastry wrapped lasagna. Umm, YUM.
After we were sufficiently filled to the brim, we headed home to unwrap some presents and have dessert, because no birthday is complete without sweets.

Mom opened her gifts and then we snacked on some delicious Build-Your-Own brownie sundaes (mom didn’t want cake). The sugar rush must have gone straight to our heads, because goofy behavior ensued. Though I’ve always known the Punt side is nutty, it is so nice to see how well Ryan fits in with our crazy klan.

I love ya mom! I hope your birthday was fun and memorable!


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