Ryan and I have just returned from a wonderful, fun-filled Easter weekend with the Corum side of the family. It was such a nice long weekend and has made the return to work and the cruel schedule of Ryan being gone weekdays that much harder! We miss family (and each other) already.

We drove up late Friday night, just barely making it in the door and falling into what I can only describe as a coma of sleep. We slept 11 hours before finally crawling out of bed at 11:40 on Saturday. We haven’t slept like that in years! We were greeted by a bright and sunny day and fresh pancakes, eggs and bacon, all prepared by the lovely Judy Corum. I have the best mother-in-law in the world! 🙂 The food was delicious and helped perk us up a little bit. Since we got such a late start to our day, we didn’t do much else. We took showers and got cleaned up that afternoon and headed out to Chico for a Costco run (free food samples!) and a few stops before having dinner at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. It was delicious, despite our feeble attempts to find a beer that didn’t make our faces cringe.

We didn’t have energy for much else, so we headed home for some dessert and some relaxing in front on the TV. Something about riding in a car brings out the wackiness in Ryan and I?

Sunday morning, we awoke and had a quick breakfast before heading out to church for Resurrection Sunday service. It was a wonderful service led by my pop-in-law Pastor Keith. I love attending Ryan’s home church and feel like a member of the church family just as much as I do a member of the Corum family. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and so full of hugs and kind words. After service we headed out on a Starbucks run with good friends Tim and Amy. Hilarity ensued, as Tim is probably one of the funniest people we know. We headed back to the house to exchange Easter baskets and hang out. The Corums gave us a great basket filled with candy, some favorite food items and all the fixin’s for ice cream sundaes. We can’t wait to put it all to good use. I gave Ryan a basket with a few favorite things and some random Easter items. Sometimes the kid in you just never dies out…

Early afternoon we saddled up to the table and inhaled a giant meal of pork ribs (slow roasted with love by Keith), baked beans, potato salad, bread, fruit… it was quite an Easter feast! Something in that food must have sparked a new found hunger in Ryan and I because, despite the giant feast, we proceeded to eat ourselves into oblivion all afternoon, and evening, capping it off with a Taco Bell run. It was crazy!

By Monday morning, it was already time to pack up the car and head home… and upon returning to Kingsburg, Ryan barely had time to shower and change and had to head to work to finish out the day. I, collapsed into a 3 hour nap. All that relaxing and eating must have gotten to me.

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