Another weekend come and gone… they move so quickly. I’m already looking forward to the 3 day weekend coming for Memorial Day and that’s still two weeks away!

Ryan got home late on Friday night after a long and exhausting drive. I was already dead asleep on the couch, but was glad to be awoken by Ryan’s arrival. We were both so exhausted that we promptly went right to bed, knowing that we had to be up early on Saturday.

Saturday was a one day women’s retreat at our church. We (Ryan and I and our friend Rachel) were asked to play a short worship set to kick off the day. God made beautiful music of our “noise” as both Ryan and I are still recovering from our nasty colds. Ryan took off to take Jack the dog to get a deep cleaning and flea treatment at Petsmart. Our poor little boy has been having an allergic reaction to something, like a flea or tick bite and can’t stop itching, to the point that he’s losing his fur! I spent the morning with the ladies of K. Evi learning about prayer and getting to know some new faces. It was nice.

Saturday evening Ryan treated me to a nice date night out. We went to Claim Jumpers in Fresno. I haven’t been there in so long. I forgot what huge portions they have! It’s crazy. And somehow we were still able to have an appetizer, drinks, a meal AND dessert! The food was delicious but I was more content to spend some quality time with Ryan. This separation all week is getting harder and harder, for both of us. We had a nice time and finished off the evening doing some shopping at REI and Nordstrom Rack. It was a great date night!

We relaxed on Sunday morning and caught up on some much needed sleep, and then headed down to Visalia to have a Mother’s Day lunch with my family. We shared lots of food and lots of laughs.

We had a nice time but ended up leaving pretty early to go home and rest… and prepare for Ryan to leave for So Cal again. After a lovely dinner at Taco Bell (we didn’t have the energy to cook), Ryan drove off for another week of his training. I started missing him about 30 seconds after he drove away. Only 4 ½ more weeks of this!

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