What can I say except that it was hot this weekend. Crazy hot. Triple digit hot. The Corums are officially not ready for summer.

We barely moved this weekend, and when we did, we paid for it. We woke up on Saturday morning and Ryan treated me to breakfast in bed! What a man! After that we proceeded to work in the front yard, mowing, trimming, pulling weeds and trying to get our rose garden back into shape. It was incredibly hot and so exhausting. By 11 or so, we were fried by the sun, in need of gallons of cool water and hungry. The yard work wasn’t quite done, but we had enough by then. So, we went out and grabbed some smoothies and lunch.

The rest of the day was pretty much a loss because we were so exhausted and so not willing to venture out into the sun again. We took a long nap, grabbed some dinner in town (and realized that we missed the Swedish Festival in our town – which was kind of a bummer) and crashed on the couch, watching TV until bedtime.

We couldn’t muster up much energy Sunday either. We went to church, then to lunch with our friends the Peters’ (delicious Sunday roast!) and then crashed at home again. We spent a lot if quality time with our couch, and with each other, this weekend. And, we have no complaints!

Just 4 more weeks for Ryan and his training in So Cal. We will be so thankful when this is all over. At least Ryan gets to come home early this week for the holiday weekend. We’re hoping for cooler weather.


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