It was a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend that went by relatively slow, which was extra wonderful since most seem to pass by all too quickly. Ryan and I spent just about every minute together and enjoyed the extra time. We dated, went to the movies, ate out (and in) (and way too much), spent time with family, took a few naps and… went car shopping.

Yes, after Ryan’s old (but somewhat faithful) car broke down yet AGAIN a couple of weeks ago, we decided that it was the last straw and it was time to invest in a new car. I am writing the check to pay off my car tomorrow (YAY!) and Ryan’s car has some 260,000 miles on it, so it was definitely time!!! We’ve be researching for several weeks, have had a few frustrating experiences, but finally found the car we wanted at a great price. We had a great experience several weeks ago at a dealership in Bakersfield and returned to close the deal. We love the new car and how it drives. We have aptly named the car Knight Rider!!!


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