I suppose I should start off with the best news… Ryan is now done with training or rather, was released early, and is back home full time. It feels so good having him back! I only wish he could have come home a few days earlier and comforted me during the very scary storm that blew through the valley last Thursday night. It filled the sky with lightning, long booms of thunder, raging winds, bursts of rain and even knocked out the power for 6 hours. I am a big sissy when it comes to storms anyway (seriously, just ask my parents), but this one did a number on me. Special thanks go out to our friend Aaron who came over to keep me company through the later half of the madness! Especially since the dog disappeared before I could pull him safely inside.

Upon waking the next morning, I was surprised to find the ditch in front of our home filled with water. I had wondered if it was a pointless ditch or if they actually would fill it with water eventually. I now have my answer.

When I came home that evening to find Jack soaking wet and laying at the front door, I knew our little “water dog” had been enjoying a swim. So, on Saturday, after a long and hot morning spent moving the lawn, pulling weeds and tending to our landscaping project-in-progress, the boys decided to take another dip in the cool water. Dont’ worry, it’s very clean water.

Jack tested the waters first. It was so cute. He’s only timid about jumping in when you are watching him.

So, while happily snapping pictures of the dog, I was surprised by Ryan, who climbed up on the bridge and…

I guess you will do what you have to to keep cool in the summer? Kids, don’t try this at home. I’m pretty sure the local rescue teams strongly encourage people NOT to do stuff like this. I was content to hang my feet off the bridge and let them splash in the cool water.

It was a beautiful weekend.

One thought on “A cool dip in a ditch

  1. Lorinda says:

    so after rain storms you now know that you have a family pool….

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