This weekend, Ryan and I shared in the great joy with my family in watching my cousin Jessie marry his beautiful bride Megan in Turlock.

It was such a beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple. My favorite part was her gorgeous flowers, at the church and at the reception. So stunning!

It was so nice to see my extended family again, and to spend some time catching up with them. Even more fun than that was hitting the dance floor together! Sorry, no pictures of that happening. 🙂
Too bad my bro didn’t catch the garter! We were all pulling for him.

Though Megan and Jessie claim that they met at the lake through mutual friends… I know otherwise. 😉 It was… THE ROOSTER! Through some crazy superstition, Jessie’s family had gifted him with a somewhat ugly ceramic rooster. He was instructed to put it by his bedside and that it would bring him good luck in love. A short time after that, he met Megan and though they were together for a while before getting engaged, they did end up married. After it worked for Jessie, the rooster was passed on to me. I also put it by my bedside, and shortly after that, I met Ryan. Yes, Ryan and I have a whole other true story for how we met, fell in love and got married. But, I’m telling you, there is something to this rooster thing. Two successful marriages in a row! Believe in the power of the rooster. My brother is next in line to receive the luck of the rooster.
In all seriousness, we wish Jessie and Megan all the best that marriage will bring. We know that their lives are going to be filled with love, blessings, joy and so much more. We are so happy for you!

Jessie and Megan Punt
Married June 13, 2009, Turlock, CA


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