Our poor little pup has been through a lot in the last few weeks. It started a while back, when we noticed the Jack wasn’t really himself. He started acting lethargic and weak and not until we returned home from a weekend trip did we notice that he had dropped a fairly large amount of weight.

So, we took him to the vet. Blood tests revealed a minor infection, but that didn’t account for all of Jack’s other symptoms. A closer examination revealed a lump in his abdomen. I feared the worst (cancer) and figured our little stray turned family member was a goner. Ryan (who is more gracious than I) agreed to a surgery to explore and find out what this lump was.

It turned out to be…. A ROCK! Yes, our dog, had swallowed and started to digest a rock! And, not a small rock, but one about the size of a golf ball! We even have the actual rock in a jar (what a nice souvenir, huh?). It made it all the way down to his intestines before becoming lodged and causing major issues. We’re not quite sure how long it had been in there. But, judging on my previous post about Jackson’s affinity for rocks, it had been a while.

So, after surgery and a few nights at the vet, we picked him up and took him home. He spent quite a few nights crashed out on his pillow by the couch, rising only to go potty and stretch out a little bit. He walked like a little old man with arthritis and had bladder control issues. It was pretty sad and kind of frustrating.

Well, dogs will be dogs and Jackson just couldn’t wait to run and play and lick (a lot of this – gross!) and scratch and jump in the water… so, when we took him to the vet on Saturday to get his staples and stitches out, he was found to have an infection at the incision site. So… Jack…. poor Jack… was outfitted with….

Yes, the Cone of Shame!
We can tell he hates it and is not that thrilled with us. But, he needs to heal and this is the cost. We can’t help but crack up when we look at him. It’s especially funny when he shakes his head and the cone goes whap whap whap against his ears. He has been a bundle of mischief ever since, getting stuck in the grape trellis and chewing through his tether. We’re hoping that a week or so in the cone will get the infection down and that he can get his stitches out. It’s been a trying time for all of us.

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