Last night I got the very fun opportunity to celebrate the birthday of my best friend Michelle. We got all “girled up” and headed up to Fresno for dinner at Claim Jumper, or as I call it, Claim Jumpa’! I couldn’t believe it was Michelle’s first time ever eating at the Jumpa’!?!

I think she thoroughly enjoyed her monster burger and fries. I know I enjoyed mine. The portions at the Jumpa’ are insane crazy huge and sooooooo good. We had a great time catching up and celebrating together. I love giving gifts and I love giving gifts to Michelle even more because it’s so fun shopping for her. We both share an insane obsession with shoes, so of course, I had to gift her with at least one pair!

I came to realize (as I do regularly when Michelle and I spend time together) that I’ve been blessed with the best friend on the entire planet Earth. Michelle is kind, compassionate, not to mention just plain PASSIONATE, funny, encouraging, and so much more. Michelle truly “gets me” like no one else does. Neither of us has a huge circle of girl friends, but I gotta say, I’d rather have Michelle in my life and on my side than anyone else (besides Ryan). She is a woman after my heart and after God’s heart and I love her so very much. Sorry, to break into “girl love” here, but there is one like her.

Michelle, I wish you that happiest birthday possible and look forward to celebrating many more with you. You deserve the best my dear friend!


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