Our little rental home has been a labor of love for the past couple of months. We’ve run in spurts with regards to our giant project list (that of course, is my doing). Every once in a while, we run out of energy and just dwell, and those times are good. Then, days like those in the past couple of weeks hit and we’re off and running… well, hammering, sawing, sanding, painting and shifting. Most people probably think we are crazy for putting so much work into a home we don’t even own, but I say nay, this is character-building time.

The house in endowed with lots of little quirks and shortcomnings. This is not surprising coming from a house whose bones are at least 65 years old, depending on which date you choose. There are many scrawled in concrete and stone around the house. One on the porch, one on the foundation, and many others. I’ve learned to love (sort of) my tiny little kitchen with hideous yellow tiles, bad lighting, lacking counter space and ugly floor. I’ve conquered my fear of using the farm toilet (no door, no privacy, no rhyme or reason). I’ve battled it out with the plaster walls that crumble when even the tiniest nail is hammered in them. But, there is a huge part of me that knows there is something much better in store for Ryan and I, and I think this house is helping us prepare for that time and will force us to truly appreciate the “extras” we hope to have.

In the meantime, it really has been a labor of love turning this little house into home for the time being. We get so excited by new ideas and decor. Okay, maybe I’m the only one who gets excited by stuff like that, but still. It’s starting to look a lot like “us” around here. And I love that.

Pictures to follow, when I find the energy


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