What a wonderful long holiday weekend! Ryan and I both had Friday the 3rd off from work and celebrated by sleeping in… and then working very hard. Friday, we hosted a concert at Shinn Photo in Reedley for the fabulous Molly Jenson show. Molly arrived on Thursday afternoon and spent Thursday night and Friday night with us. She is such a joy to be around and felt like my long lost sister. She’s goofy. Crazy goofy, and fun to be around. I missed her when she left on Saturday morning. The house was way too quiet.

The show on Thursday went great, despite soaring temperatures and our lack of control over the thermostat at the studio. Besides that, Molly did a great job and we had a pretty good turnout. I think Ryan was most thrilled to see the music still alive in his life, despite the Road 56 house, so famous for these concerts, is now vacant. It was nice to test out a show at another location to see if could still be done. It looks like it will work, so Road 56 Productions will live on! T-Shirt designs are currently in the works. šŸ™‚

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating the 4th. We decided to hang out with my family in Visalia, because they have a pool and we were just too tired and hot to turn that down. We brought along our good friend Aaron and decided to take Jack on his first road trip. I think he enjoyed it, despite having to get used to sharing attention and personal space with my parent’s dogs. He made himself right at home pretty quickly. FYI, this is not HIS dog bed and barely contained all 75 pounds of him.

I don’t think my parent’s dogs were very thrilled to have this visitor. They have never been good at sharing attention.

We snacked, had some drinks, swam and lounged around for most of the afternoon. We were most shocked to find Jack pretty timid about swimming in the pool. Our little water dog, who loves swimming daily in the ditch in the front of our house, wanted nothing to do with this mysterious blue lagoon. We actually had to force him into the water a few times just to cool off. What a baby!

After a giant and festive dinner of tri tip, grilled corn and zucchini, baked potatoes, chips, dips, fruit, dinner rolls and yes, even more… we were stuffed to the brim and ready for more relaxing. We watched a couple of movies and then got a very cool and surprising phone call…

Yes, my brother got a phone call letting him know that he had won a raffle that he entered! The prize? $100 in free fireworks!!! We were all pretty stoked. So, we headed down to pick them up from the stand.
The pyro’s (my brother, Ryan and Aaron) could hardly wait until the sun went down to start lighting things off. We even built a handy dandy stand this year to elevate the fireworks to optimum viewing heights. I have to admit, it was a very cool touch and worked out great.

Of course, I couldn’t resist playing with a few sparklers. Don’t laugh at my attempts to make a heart. šŸ™‚

The weather that night turned out really nice. We had a great time laying out on the front lawn and enjoying the show but even grew tired of lighting things off. I think we’ve got a fair amount of fireworks left to ring in the new year in a couple of months. At least, that’s the earliest occasion I can think of that call for fireworks. It was a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

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