A terrible thing happened the other week while I was attempting to create a romantic evening for Ryan and I. I discovered… * GASP * that my beloved iPod was broken. I… was… crushed. Both Ryan and I pretty much live and breathe music. No iPod = death. Okay, well not quite that dramatic, but it was a bummer.

After several attempts to get a geek, er, Apple Genius to look at it, we finally gave up. The new iPhone craze is too strong and getting more than 2 seconds of attention at the Apple store is nearly impossible. Not to mention, the iPod is a few years old and doesn’t really have much life left.

Still, Ryan caught me off guard the other night with the surprise of a new iPod! Just because I’m such a great wife. Isn’t that awesome?! 🙂 I was pretty excited. It’s nice to have the music back in my life, and in my car.

BEFORE (sad, sullen and without hope)…

AFTER (happy, cheerful and full of bliss)…

R.I.P. old iPod… you were a good friend full of good times. Especially singing absurdly loud in the car. You will be missed.


One thought on “Out with the old, rockin’ the new!

  1. The Habben's says:

    You two just make me smile 🙂

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