I’m really bad at blogging lately and I know I need to catch up! So, here’s a quick update about last weekend:

This past weekend Ryan and I headed down to L.A. to see the fabulous, talented, incomperable, amazing and gifted Brandi Carlile. Brandi is my favorite musician and though Ryan isn’t nearly as obsessed as I am, also really likes her and her crazy-talented band. She draws a very interesting and diverse crowd so it’s always fun to do people watching (and sometimes people-staring) at her shows.

We headed out on Saturday late-morning, stopped for a quick lunch in Valencia, checked into our hotel in Burbank and made a quick and chaotic stop at Ikea for a kitchen cart that we’ve needed for months (due to a lack of usable counter-space in our kitchen). The place was a complete zoo but we found what we needed and got our relatively easily.

After that it was time to head to The Wiltern and catch the show. There was a huge crowd wrapped around the block, but we ended up with some pretty good seats. I forgot to bring my camera with me, so I’m left with a few dark and grainy images from my iPhone. Oh well. The show was fantastic and the memory is burned into my mind anyway.

I’ll let my Facebook status for the evening speak for me:
“Brandi Carlile in concert… Amazing… So so talented…. Phenomenal… My favorite artist of all time.”

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