One year ago today, I woke up on a rainy and somewhat gloomy morning, looked over at my best friend in our cramped hotel room and said, “I’m getting married today.” The rest of that day, though extraordinarily special to me, was a dizzied blur. There were flowers. And cake. Beautiful music. Candlelight. Laughter. Tears. Wide smiles. Butterflies of nervousness. Faces of those we both love and cherish. The perfect white dress. That handsome black tux… all blurred into a dreamlike state. Though that day went much faster than I could ever have imagined and sometimes I want to rewind time and soak it all in again, I wouldn’t change anything that happened. I am happy to say that my wedding day was perfect.

Perfect in the scheduling, tasks at hand, weather, organization and all of the details? No. But perfect in the only way it needed to be? Yes. At the end of the night, I was Mrs. Corum and that title couldn’t be any sweeter.

This year has not been easy. We’ve worked through challenges, sharpened our communication skills, learned by mistake, fallen and gotten back up again… prayed, laughed, cried, travelled, learned, lost, gained, but most of all… LIVED as man and wife.

I love you Mr. Ryan Corum and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives showing you just how much. May each year we spend together be sweeter and richer than the one before.


One thought on “The best year of my life

  1. Jason says:

    *two thumbs-up and a high five*Congrats on one year!

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