Ryan and I have had a lot on our minds lately. Normally that wouldn’t be worth mentioning except that the things on our minds are much heavier than the usual drivel. A few months ago, a desire was planted in our hearts. A desire for a place to call home. Our little Kingsburg country rental will always hold a place in our hearts, especially in mine as it was and will be the first place I nested in as a wife. It’s been a wonderful home to us this first year and will continue to be. But we’ve begun to hunger for a place that we can truly nest in, invest in and start a family in. No, babies are still in the FUTURE, so don’t get too excited. 🙂
It’s been hard to discern if this desire has come from society pressuring us into a home purchase, or if God is planting the desire in us. We long to serve him and to establish a home that is safe and refelctive of his glory, but most importantly, to be done in His will. We’ve been in fervent prayer, had many late night discussions and spent many hours of research and reading, in the hope that we will make wise decisions. Purchasing a home is a huge decision and commitment and we don’t want to take it lightly. God has called us to be good stewards of our finances, and because of past poor decisions by Ryan and I in our lives as singles, it has been a painful and difficult lesson. We’ve made very concious and calculated efforts in the last year to gain control and to make wise and sometimes difficult decisions and sacrifices.
We are still uncertain of many things… of the timing, the budget, the location, and so much more. The other night, Ryan was expressing these concerns to a good friend, who is also a very wise, Christ-filled and encouraging man. He promply spouted off the verse below and urged us to read it. I immediately pulled it up on my iPhone and had one of those scripture-reading moments that kind of takes your breath away. The kind that makes you feel as if God is speaking directly to you…

Wow! For real?! I loved it and was so inspired and touched. I know that this whole thing is in God’s hands and I want us to rest in that and be lead by Him. In the meantime, as we continue to pray and seek out the right path, we are growing more and more excited. We know that 2010 is going to bring great things for us and we hope, that a home will be part of that.


One thought on “A place to call home

  1. The Habben's says:

    If I could give one piece of advice from someone just a little down the road from you, it would be to invest in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University together (13-week class offered at many churches) before you do anything. It's amazing!http://beta.daveramsey.com/fpu/home/May God richly bless you both as you continue to keep your eyes on Him 🙂

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