What a weekend! It came and went by way way way too fast! I’ll do my best to recap but I can barely remember my name today, so no promises (I feel “ucky” today).
Friday night I just barely made it home from work and sunk into the couch from exhaustion. Ryan and the boys had a bachelor party for their friend Craig, whose wedding we attended on Sunday, so I had the house to myself. I opted to make a big fire in the fireplace, get into my “comfies”, pour a big glass of wine and finally watch Twilight. I’ve been curious what this whole vampire craze is all about…
Interesting… is about all I can say. I will say that the movie was MUCH BETTER than I anticipated it to be, but I’m still a bit confused with how you find a person who craves the taste of your blood and sustains their life on blood to be… sexy? I guess it goes back to the whole girls-love-bad-boys thing? But really?! I will say that having someone feel compelled to protect you is definitely sexy and maybe that’s the draw of the whole thing? That, or girls just love to be stared at because man, oh man, this movie was full of staring at each other. I guess it was kind of lost on me, but I’m embarrassed to admit that I kind of want to see the next one. However, I will NOT be lining up with all the other whackadoodles to do it.
On Saturday, Ryan had to work (which we both hate!) but it gave me some time to catch up on some general house keeping, laundry and stuff like that. I moved pretty slow all morning and that felt really good. Later that afternoon Ryan and I met up to do some top secret and exciting stuff regarding our future home. 😉 It took a long time but I walked away more excited than I’ve been since we started this whole process. God is sooooo good and we are so blessed. Just a few more days and I will feel comfortable enough with starting to talk about it and actually announcing what we are up to.
Later that evening we headed back out to Reedley to meet up with good friends Neil, Melissa and Jeff (Ry’s former roommate) to have dinner and catch up. We had a GREAT time and it was so nice to get together as a group again. It’s been a long time. Jeff is in nursing school and has the craziest schedule ever so we don’t get to see him much. We are so proud of him… despite his love of sharing stories about poop! What’s with boys and talking about poop?!
Sunday morning we got up and went to church, which was greatly needed. We’ve traveled so much this summer and fall that we’ve missed a ton of Sundays. It felt good to get back into the groove. We didn’t have much time in the afternoon to do anything, because we had to be dressed and ready to head out to Craig and Sarah’s wedding.
The wedding, which was breathtakingly beautiful and intimate, was in Sqauw Valley. Craig and Sarah mastered the art of simple beauty, getting married while the sun set behind them and letting the landscape and surroundings speak for itself. Fall (and love) was the showpiece of this event and how beautiful it was!
We had a wonderful time and wish Craig and Sarah all the best and pray that their life will be filled with blessings and joy, and that their new little family will abound with love.

Craig & Sarah Wohlgemuth 
Married November 22, 2009
Squaw Valley, CA

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