Thanksgiving Day has come and gone all too quickly. We had such a wonderful day celebrating our first real Thanksgiving in this house. Last year we were just barely newlyweds and so overwhelmed from all of the changes and from all of the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon that we opted to do things simple. Much to the horror of some friends and family, we ate our big feast at a restaurant in Visalia and spent most of the day in quiet relaxation last year. We enjoyed it, I promise. People were just as horrified to hear that we were spending it alone once again this year, but truthfully, it was a wonderful day and it was nice to spend it together.

This time however, I did opt to cook our feast. Though time consuming and most definitely exhausting, the meal turned out beautifully. I am so thankful for my mother who 1) taught me to cook and 2) taught me to be organized. Our day can pretty much be summarized on this sheet:

A little crazy, but it helped me remember what needed to be done and to not forget any food, which has actually happened a few times at our family dinners. If I can say so, everything turned out grrrreeat, from beginning (world famous cinnamon rolls) to end (apple crisp and ice cream), and everything in between of course! 🙂

Though I love food and cooking, I would have to say that my favorite part was spending time with Ryan and getting our annual tradition of taking a picture in the fall leaves done. We found a great spot this year and had a lot of fun taking the pics. Here are a few favorites…
We have so much to be thankful for this year that it seems impossible to list all of the blessings. I’m still overwhelmed with what a blessing it is to be married to such a wonderful man. What a truly blessed Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful first one, and bittersweet since it looks like it will be our last in this little country home…

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