It seems fitting that this, our 100th post, contain some very exciting and wonderful news. After many months of praying, many long and late night discussions, a few stress attacks and a whole lot of paperwork later, we are happy to share that we, The Corums, are going to be first time homeowners. The reason that we are not yet homeowners is because we are actually going to be building our home in Visalia over the next few months. Though it wasn’t our original plan, we are delighted with what has come to be.
For a while, we were touring resale homes, perusing various real estate websites, talking with local realtors and doing a lot of discussing our options. Nothing really felt “right” and we were feeling the increasing pressure to purchase early enough to qualify for the tax credit the government is offering to first time homebuyers right now. We knew that purchasing in a hurry was not a wise decision, so we were relieved to hear earlier this month that the credit was extended to next June but it opened up more possibilities and even more questions for us.
Back at the beginning of this whole journey, we had toured some new home developments just for fun. When we walked into the model for a particular home, we both turned to each other and smiled. I can’t speak for Ryan, but I fell in love with this house. NOT because the model is always gorgeous and NOT because I was dazzled by a brand new home (though, that felt pretty good too), but that I felt like this could be our HOME. The floorplan was perfect. The size was perfect. The neighborhood was perfect. The location was perfect. It was hard to walk alway and not think about that house constantly. Though we put our house plans on the back burner for a short time, we couldn’t seem to put THAT house out of our minds. We started to compare every other house to THAT house and every other neighborhood to THAT neighborhood. We were smitten.
As time went along and we discussed it more, we knew where we wanted to be. But, where to go from there? We prayed. And talked. And prayed. And toured that model 2 more times. After one more discussion we took a leap of faith and started pursuing it. We’ve been blessed to have gone through these early stages very smoothly and led by wonderful people (our sales agent, our realtor and the home builder). Though I caution to say that I fully know God’s will and even know that this is His plan for us, we have felt a peace about it all, and that speaks volumes to us.
Building has felt like the right way to go and frankly, the only feasible option for us to be in the neighborhood without having to deal with a long and messy short sale or worse. We’ve been doing a lot of paperwork lately and had to come up with a game plan for the next several months. Last weekend we got to do the fun part and select our options (tile, cabinets, counterops, carpet, etc.). It is slowly but surely becomming our dream home. We still have to have one final meeting and final signing, but if all goes smoothly, our foundation should be poured sometime in December and if the weather and everything cooperates, we should be moving in sometime in May or June.
We’re so excited. Sometimes scared and stressed too. But overall, we feel so very blessed. God has been so good and we can hardly wait to get into our home and start the next chapter in our lives. It’s going to be hard to sit and be patient while we watch this empty lot turn into our home!

One thought on “So very thankful

  1. The Habben's says:

    Yay guys…how exciting! We built our house a few years ago and my hubby now works as a home builder. We loved it, but learned a TON! I would do it again in a heartbeat!If you want some pointers or inside info, let me know 🙂

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