The reason we haven’t posted a house update recently is because there isn’t an update. 😦

Yes, sadly we are stuck in what seems an endless flow of paperwork that we can’t seem to ever finish. Initial this. Sign that. Date this. Date that. Sign and date and inital this and that. Write another check. ** sigh **

As you can probably tell, frustration has seeped in and somewhat overtaken me this week. As a long list of stuff to do sits unchecked…

Yes, I mean that literally. It’s blank. I know that this is all in God’s hands and timing, but it’s hard to be patient when our dream is so far out of grasp, yet we’ve invested so much time AND MONEY on it. Not to mention that we are under a sort of deadline, with hopes to close by June 30th in order to collect the tax credit.

I want to sit back and enjoy Christmas and know that this new year is going to deliver us a permanent home. I want to let go of the control and the anxiety. God knows I need to. I want to know how good it feels to see a foundation poured for the place we will nest,  have children, tend our little garden, play with the dog, all for decades to come.


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