Another weekend come and gone? It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just a few short days away. In some ways, we are very ready – house and tree are decorated. Presents are bought, wrapped and under the tree. Parties, menus and travel planned. In other ways, we’re just not ready. At least not in our hearts. This season rushes by so quickly every year. Because of this we tend to lose time and focus and so much more. Because of that Ryan and I opted to slow down this weekend and spend time with each other and catch up with “life”.

Sure, there isn’t much fun to report besides laundry, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, watching a few movies and sitting in front of a few fires, but we would not have had it any other way.

We got to go out to dinner and do a little shopping in Fresno on Friday night. Saturday brought a few hours at the office for Ryan, 😦 , but later brought a nice long walk together with Jackson, a few movies (Year One and Marley & Me) and pizza in front of a roaring fire… Sunday brought much of the same, with a lot of cooking thrown in, which I will blog about later.

We even got the chance to re-kindle an old habit/tradition – Fajita Sunday! It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s Sunday and we make delicious fajitas and have a small Mexican feast. It’s wonderful… and so tasty!

And that’s about it. Now it’s back to work for a few days and just a few more preparations for the big day. Hopefully we’ll find some time to rest before then because we’re both pretty exhausted right now.


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