Ahh… the joy of Christmas. Sleeping in. Coffee and a good breakfast. Presents. Excitment. Food. Food. Food. Celebration. Rest. It was a great one!

We started Christmas on the Eve, with the Corum family tradition of pizza! I love this tradition. Mainly because I love pizza but also because it means I don’t have to cook on Christmas Eve. We rested by the fire (Jackson too), devoured our pizza and enjoyed the anticipation of Christmas Day.

On Christmas morning, we slept in a little bit = bliss! Then awoke, staying in our PJs, to enjoy a quick breakfast together… bed head and all!
After that, we gathered around the tree and Ryan and I opened our presents for each other. Ryan spoils me. It’s just terrible. I try and keep up, but he out-does me all the time. Not that Christmas is all about presents, but the Corum family expresses their love through gifting. They absolutely love it. And God placed me in their lives for a reason… because I have a hard time accepting gifts. I love to give them too, but accepting is rough. This year is no different.
“Santa” gave this shirt to Ryan and no, I don’t mean me. “SANTA”
Ryan had to settle for this voucher for this game… it arrived, of course, the day AFTER Christmas
And I say that I can’t keep up with the Corums, because Ryan got me…
A BIKE!!!!
I love my new bike. I haven’t had a bike since I was a little kid. It is such a treat!!!
After we had spoiled the heck out of each other, we cleaned up and headed down to Visalia to share Christmas with the Punt family. We couldn’t resist taking Jackson along to be part of the fun.
We had a great time with my family, getting even further spoiled and enjoying lots of food and some typical Punt wacky behavior.
What a truly Merry Christmas! We can hardly wait to do it again with the Corum family next weekend!

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