It looks like the holiday season has officially come to a close. Though we are sad to see it go, we made sure to go out with a bang! We spent the long holiday weekend at Ryan’s parents house in Willows and had a wonderful time doing all of our favorite things – eating, sleeping, laying around, laughing, talking and much more. I feel so blessed to have such a fun and hospitable family.

We arrived in town just around dinner time on New Years Eve and were starved! So, we headed out to get some pizza in a sort of observance of “Christmas Eve” with the Corums. It was wonderful! After that we headed home to exchange Christmas presents. I regret to report that I * gasp * forgot to bring a CAMERA on the trip. I know. I can hardly believe it myself. I never go anywhere without a camera. Keith was kind enough to lend his for the weekend.

We got SPOILED by the Corums, as usual, but were very very thankful for all of the wonderful gifts they gave us and hope they enjoyed ours as well. It was just nice to get to celebrate Christmas together… and New Years on the same weekend!

Our favorite present. 😉 
Keith got a new hoe!! What? His old hoe was broke!
 Bad influence? Us? No! Of course not.
 Jackson has got to be the most mello dog we’ve ever seen. He was in the position or totally asleep most of the weekend.
Those of us who truly know what staying at the Corums entails, knows what we really wanted and were waiting for….
We had such a wonderful time the rest of the weekend. We celebrated New Years with good friends, Tim and Amy and their crazy dogs, Toby and Lilly. I think we even stayed up until sometime past 2 am! Crazy. We had a fun time ringing in the new year and I have a video of that but still need to figure out how to upload from my new little gadget.
The rest of the weekend brought lots of relaxing and lots more eating. Then, Saturday brought a visit with some extended family… Ryan’s Uncle Doug and Aunt Dawn and cousin Clay. We had a great time with them and were grateful for just a little time with them while they were passing back through to Oregon.
We headed home on Sunday after church. Back to home. Back to reality. Back to Monday. 😦 We’re in the process of de-Christmasing the house. It’s sad. But as I put each little jingle bell and wreath away, I realize that I will be putting them up on completely different walls and counters next year. How exciting!

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