It’s a new year and we’ve got some big stuff happening this year. A new home? God willing. If they ever get our permit through the city! Let the anxiety kick in! But the new year brings so much more for us, and hopefully for each of you.

This brings up the topic of resolutions. Frankly, I think it’s sad what a joke that making resolutions has become. You hear comments like “What new years resolutions are you going to break this year?” and “Why bother making them in the first place?” Maybe I’m more hopeful (or naïve) than the common person, but to me, a new year is a celebration of something, well, NEW. It’s a commitment to try and become BETTER. A better mom. A better dad. A better friend. A better employee. And it’s a challenge to do something that you maybe thought was not possible in the past. What could possibly be wrong with that? It’s this pessimistic, defeated attitude that is clouding our culture right now that I truly hate. I want my [future] children to live in a world of hope and of possibilities.

I acknowledge that people can try and fail, and sometimes fail miserably. I laugh to myself thinking of some of my epic failures. But I still choose to set goals for myself. Yes, I choose to call them goals rather than resolutions. I’m not sure what the definitional differences between those words are and I don’t care. A goal is something to be worked towards. There isn’t necessarily a time limit, and if you fail, it isn’t necessarily over. To me, failure only occurs when you stop trying. We all remember the mantra “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

I’ve started writing down my goals for 2010 down in the past week or so (I don’t start on January 1st on purpose) and the list is still in the works. I’ve got a lot of great things on my goals list for the year and though I don’t want to share each and every intimate detail, I do want to share this brief story because one of my goals is to pursue JOY in my life and in that, gain a more positive outlook.

I headed back to work on Monday after our facilities were closed for a long winter break. I knew that moods would be sour and it might be a rough day. After all, it was a Monday. But I wasn’t prepared for what happened. I hadn’t been in the building 30 seconds when I overheard a comment that I wasn’t intended to hear. Instantly I felt defeated. Honestly, I felt down and defeated most of the day. And hurt. And angry.

It wasn’t until I was driving home from work, where I experience most of my epiphanies and clarity, that I realized what had happened… Road blocks. Speed bumbs. Brick walls. The things that get in our way of doing something truly good. And, if a spiritual goal is at hand, I just know Satan is waiting in the shadows to squash us. And that’s exactly what happened. The sad thing is that I let it happen and I let it get the best of me and ruin my day. Why am I so weak?

In reflecting on this moment, I’ve realized that if I want to accomplish great things this year, I’m going to have to fight for them. I’m going to have to fight long and hard. Am I up to the challenge? I think so. Why? Because I want an amazing life! I want to be a fantastic wife! I want to a daughter that her parents will be proud of! I want to be an epic friend! A dedicated employee! A lady with a STORY!

How could any of that not be worth fighting for?! I’m encouraged. And I share that so that I can encourage the handful of people that read this (how many there are, I don’t really know). Being a better person is worth fighting for. It is worth pursing. A life without goals is a life without direction. Make a list today. Share it with someone that you care about and that cares about you. Take the steps. Deal with the brief failures and misses… and keep trying. It’s so worth it!

** Cue the music…. I will survive. I will survive!!!!” **

Have a truly epic 2010! Legen…. wait for it… dary!!!


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