Let’s see… blog update. Hmmmm… weekend update. I’ve kind of got nothing here. But I’m going to try and make some sense. We have just gotten through another all-too-short weekend and Monday is definitely HERE and sucking the joy out of us. I think Ryan said it best when he texted me this afternoon with, “Is it a full moon tonight?” No my sweet, not even close, but gosh it feels like it! Seeing that I’m all too willing to dwell on the negative today, I need to move on. We had a nice weekend. There. Better.

Friday brought us a date night in Fresno. Dinner at Claim Jumpers thanks to a Christmas gift from Ry’s sister Jeneé. Thank you. It was wonderful and filling and such a treat for us. After that, we made a quick stop and decided to head home to be lazy on our couch since all the movies we wanted to see were starting far too late in the evening. A good night overall.

Saturday Ryan had to work so I resorted to finally packing all of the Christmas stuff away and getting the house cleaned up. Why are chores so exhausting?! It was nice to step back and just for a few hours, have a clean home… sort of. I took a long walk with Jackson in the cold and gloomy afternoon and spent some time reflecting on a lot of stuff. I love these walks for so many reasons. Clarity and solitude are just the tip of the iceberg. It was a gloomy day, but I felt good and was thankful for some alone time in the outdoors… until Jackson decided to roll in the nastiest, foul-smelling pile of poo in the world. WHY, Jackson, why?! It was horrific. Ryan was kind enough to give Jack a bath when he got home. I truly am blessed with an amazing husband and though it might not be comparable, I think he’s going to be a darn great father! I think Jackson is training us for parenthood. That night, our friend Aaron came over and we had some drinks and played some Wii, talked and watched some of the Kings basketball game. Another good night.

Sunday morning brought a great service at Grace. We had a visit from Ray VanderLaan who is an amazing bible scholar, storyteller and historian. He did a wonderful job sharing. After that, after initial plans to help a friend with a house project changed, we headed down to the outlets in Tulare to grab some lunch and do a little shopping at the Nike outlet (Ry’s own little mecca). Unfortunately, he couldn’t find much. I, on the other hand, found a ton of things and my lovely and generous husband treated me to a bunch of great new workout clothes. I consider it my inspiration to get back into a walking and workout schedule. Wish me luck, ok?

We headed home and both fell into a deep coma-like nap. I think our bodies needed the rest. After awaking, we decided that we needed to do something active, so we headed to a local school to shoot some hoops together. It was fun and I realize how important it is for us to do things like that together. (Bonus – I remembered to take pictures!)

That night, Ryan headed to his basketball game and I headed out to dinner and coffee with some friends and had a great time. It was a nice way to end the weekend.


One thought on “A messy scattered, Monday-ish update

  1. The Habben's says:

    I so wish you guys lived near us…That's it 🙂

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