It appears as though we brought the rain back from San Francisco with us. And, since it appears that we are no where near breaking ground for our home (another story for another day), I’m okay with rain. Lots of rain. God knows we need a good, rainy winter.

Ryan and I have returned from a wonderful quick trip to San Francisco for the weekend. After hearing that some family (Uncle Steve and Aunt Rosilind) were going to be around this weekend, Mummy and Pop planned a trip to Alcatraz and since I had never been and Ry hadn’t been since he was around 7 years old, they were kind enough to invite us along.

On Friday night, Ryan got us prepared for the trip by renting “Escape From Alcatraz”. I hadn’t seen it in many years and it really got me excited for the trip. Great flick. Rent it one of these days. Clint Eastwood is so crazy cool in the movie. It’s weird when you’re actually rooting for the criminals to get away. After conducting extensive research in my mind, I have determined that the 3 escapees made it. I just know they did!

We awoke at a very brisk and early 5:30 am in order to make it to San Fran for the early ferry to the island. Thank God for coffee! We made it in pretty good time despite some thick fog along the way. After a quick tailgate with the Corum family – more coffee and some donut holes, we trekked over to Alcatraz Landing to set sail for the island. We decided to head out on the top deck to take in the view and the surprisingly nice weather. What a beautiful day!

Uncle Steve…doesn’t he have a great face?
I seriously have the cutest husband ever

We arrived at the island and unintentionally parted ways with our group. Ryan and I walked around a bit, taking a few [hundred] pictures and then decided to take the Cell House audio tour. It was awesome!!! It’s a pretty remarkable place full of history and stories. I didn’t start falling in love with history until I was almost done with college so I love making up the lost time. [Ryan and] I took around 175 pictures the whole weekend. Below are a few of my favorites.

After we had spent a few hours wandering, we met up with our group, stopped to buy a few souveniers (I bought an Alcatraz Women’s Club Cookbook and an apron that has one of the prison regulations on it) and then headed back for the ferry to shore.

I love this pic of Pop. Doesn’t he look content?

By that time, nearly 3:00, we were famished and ready for some lunch and itching for some great Chinese food. We headed to Chinatown and went to House of Nanking based on a shining review from a friend of Ryan’s. What an experience that place was!!! I’ve never seen a smaller, more cramped and chaotic restaurant in all my life. Picture a two bedroom apartment crammed with boxes, food, tables, chairs and people – that was Nanking. We were ushered in, seated, barked at, menus snatched up before we could decide – it was to be a family feast, declared by our waiter. The plates food came, in rapid succession, were passed around the table and disappeared just as quickly. It was SO DELICIOUS though. Worth the chaos, in our opinion. As an article on the wall from The San Francisco Chronicle stated, it was “QUICK… but delicious”.

I love all of the COLOR in Chinatown

We decided to part ways with family then and get checked into our hotel. They headed into Chinatown to do some more sightseeing. We plopped on the bed… and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours. Being up at 5:30 does not sit well with these Corums. We forced ourselves awake, bundled up and walked down to the wharf to get some dinner. It was raining out and we did not bring an umbrella. We got pretty soaked. Ryan said I looked sexy. I felt like a drowned rat and for that reason, there are no pictures. 🙂 We ate a quick bite at the Boudin Bakery and then headed to Ghiradelli Sqaure to try some cupcakes from Kara’s Cupcakes. Part sugar craving and part curiosity/jealousy on my part. I’d love to have a shop like that. Though we do consider ourselves great critics of baked goods, Kara’s cupcakes were pretty darned good. I’ll let the before and after photos speak for us. Ryan says mine are better. I love him. 😉

We headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night. We slept in a little bit then decided we should probably get up and get moving. We packed up our stuff, checked out of the hotel and headed to a local breakfast joint we discovered on Yelp called the Hollywood Cafe. Again, picture a 1 bedroom apartment with about six tables and a few more outside, all cramped, and all busy. We opted to eat outside, even though it was a little on the cool side. Again, delicious food.

We headed home and made the tiring ride home. It was hard for both of us to keep our eyes open, especially in the pouring rain. I could tell poor Ryan was pretty tapped out. We made it in good time, plopped on the bed and again… fell asleep for 2 hours. 🙂

I take it as a good sign when a weekend exhausts you that much. A great time should always exhaust you!


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  1. Gibbytron says:

    Glad you liked House of Nanking… 🙂

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