This picture pretty much summarizes what Jackson was up to all weekend. Then again, this pretty much summarizes what he is always doing. I hate when he lays out on the road (don’t worry, it’s our private road) like this. Every once in a while I’ll stand there and stare at him, just to make sure that his chest is still moving. “Good. Still breathing. That’s good.”
There isn’t much to report for our weekend happenings, but I felt obliged to update since I haven’t had much time to blog lately. Work has become unseasonably busy for me, which has me worried for what our peak season will bring, and for my stress levels, which have been out of control recently. Enough to affect my health and to scare Ryan and I. But that’s another story for another day.
We pretty much vegged out on Friday night… caught some dinner and watched TV until sleep overtook us. Ryan slept in very late on Saturday, which I’m sure he needed. I grabbed some coffee and a quick breakfast and got to work pruning the bushes in the yard and gathering up a few piles of our never-ending leaves. That lead to about 10 loads of laundry… a big pile of dishes, sweeping, dusting, vacuuming… all that fun Saturday stuff. After that we grabbed some lunch and continued with our “chores”. On Saturday night, Ryan took me out for dinner in Fresno and we went and saw The Blind Side. It was great  (despite the most disgusting man who sat behind Ryan and made the most foul noises involving phelgm, his throat and nose – you’ll have to ask Ryan for his hilarious take on the whole situation) and I’m glad we finally found the time to see it. We haven’t been to the movies in ages!
Sunday we went to church at Grace in Visalia and then headed out to run a few quick errands before we had to get back home and get Ryan ready for basketball. I used the remainder of the afternoon to practice some cake decorating, which I love, but rarely have the free time to do. After taking several classes at Michael’s, I felt like making an attempt at teaching myself the remaining stuff with the Wilton classes, and because I’ve tried to get into the remaining classes the last few months with no luck. I was a good student so I have faith that I’ll do well by myself. Below is my first attempt working with fondant. Not the prettiest, but it was a good experience. I hope to make more time for this stuff in the futre and have been praying about using my love and talent for baking in a possible business venture. We’ll see.
And now it’s Sunday night and I’m thinking about work tomorrow and taxes that need to get done and all of the stuff on my to do list. I could toil more, but I don’t need to. Ryan if off at a concert with is best frined. And me? I’m off to take a hot shower and settle in with a glass of wine and a movie. Monday can wait.

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