Jackson… our dog. Our little “son”… is a wimp!!!

I thought that having a dog in the country would be the easiest thing possible. Let him roam free, throw some food out every day, walk him a bit, play catch, give him a good washing every once in a while and let him do his own thing. How could I have been so wrong?

Jackson’s “anniversary” of first arriving on our property is approaching on Sunday, and in the course of the last year, Jackson has spent countless hours at the vet, endured one major surgery to remove a swallowed rock, successfully drained our bank account of thousands of dollars between food and health care, had severe hot spots so bad that he went bald in certain spots, had several rounds of antibiotics, shed countless mounds of hair in the house that I promised myself he would not be allowed in and woke us up at all hours barking, scratching, licking, walking around and… other disgusting things that I don’t want to think about. His most recent “illness” is some sort of staph infection.

This is no low-maintenance dog.

And we’re actually considering getting another one?!

I know we could have it much worse. And I know I can’t get mad at HIM? Especially when he looks like this…

Actually I can’t stop laughing at him when he looks like this.

But man, oh man, I had no idea. He’s actually a really great dog – very mellow, trained, doesn’t jump up or bark uncontrollably, potty trained, playful, protective without being too aggressive, and smart. Just kinda wimpy when it comes to health.

Awww, who am I kidding. I love that big cone head!


One thought on “The return of the Cone Head

  1. Amy Street says:

    Oh, no! Not the Cone-of-Shame!!! Poooooor Jack! Tell him that Tim, Toby, Lily, and I hope he feels better really soon!

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