Well, Valentines Day has come to an end and hopefully the “love in the air” will not fade away too quickly. Though I’m not a fan of V Day, I’ve come to appreciate it a little more since Ryan has come into my life. It’s nice to have a permanent valentine.

We extended the love to our friends by hosting what was supposed to be a “Stupid Cupid” party – an effort to try and show how stupid Cupid is and hook some of our single friends up on our own. However, Cupid has been very active in the previous weeks and by the time our party rolled around on Friday, our once-single friends had all but paired up! We extend our apologies to our few remaining single friends. We’re trying to help you guys and gals… really!!!

The party was fun nonetheless… though despite my efforts not too, I over-prepared again and ended up with a ton of extra food. The night was filled with lots of conversation over some delicious drinks that Ryan bartended up, with a little bit of Guitar Hero and American Idol on Wii thrown in. Thanks to everyone for coming and for making it fun. It was our first and only party at the Kingsburg house. We hope to have many more at our new home… with a rule that everyone must come hungry from now on. 😉

On Saturday, Ryan and I slept in and then headed out for breakfast at Denny’s. After that, we tended to a little bit of housework and bumming around. It was a nice and relaxing day, much needed rest for the both of us. At the end of the night we headed to Ryan’s league basketball game where he and his amazing team CRUSHED the competition and won their game, 113 to 76. It was awesome! I was so proud of them and of Ryan in particular. He’s an amazing player. Plus, he’s always in a better mood when they win. 😉

On Sunday morning, we headed to church and then on to a few Valentine’s surprises from Ryan. A quick shopping trip to World Market was followed by some lunch that Ryan picked up for us after presenting me with beautiful bouquet of roses. After that we headed to Panera to get a yummy coffee drink. We planned on staying to chat (reminiscent of one of our first dates where we stayed at Panera for almost 6 hours talking) but it was packed so we headed home and rested on the couch for a bit, where Ryan presented me with a bottle of one of my favorite new wines.

That night Ryan took me out for our Valentines date, which was a lovely and special dinner at the new Bakery/Café in town. It was so intimate (quiet) and romantic and the food was absolutely delicious – one of my top 10 meals of all time! Thank you hubby for making the day special in simple ways and for making me feel loved EVERY day. You are the best valentine a woman could ask for.

Altogether it was a wonderful weekend and I’m sad that it’s all over. But Monday calls us back to work and back to the grindstone. Hope everyone had a fun weekend and felt some love. If not, I’m giving away free hugs.


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