The most common question I get asked, always by women, when talking about our new home in the making is, “Have you thought all about how you’re going to decorate it?”

ME: “No, not really.”

THEM: “What?! Really? Why not?! That’s the best part!”

To be totally honest and confess, when we first started this process, back in NOVEMBER, I couldn’t STOP thinking about the house and possible paint colors, furniture, plants, flowers, curtains, rugs, pictures, lighting, etc. I was probably a bit on the obsessed side. Then the month of November faded into December and December faded into January and then, well, into February… and the lot sat empty and untouched and we were stuck in an endless waiting game.

I forced myself to put it all away… the magazine clippings and internet sites, catalogs, ideas, and even the daydreams. After all, it started to look like they would NEVER get started on our house, and for a minute, we considered walking away. I didn’t want to dream about it anymore and even to plan, knowing that this journey was still several months ahead of us. Depressing? Oh, definitely!

After getting the news a few weeks ago that they would be starting the house mid-February, I started to get excited again… and the decorating questions started again. And then last week, we drove out there and there they were, BUILDING OUR HOUSE! Well, starting to at least.

So, fair warning (to my what, 2 blog readers?)… this blog may become saturated with decorating ideas and projects and dreams and ramblings about the pros and cons of roman shades and pendant lamps, the shaggyness of rugs and all of the possible paint colors in the spectrum. But this is one of my lifes dreams (I have 5 big ones) and I’m going to savor each moment!!!

Right now I’m trying to reign in the craziness and desire to decorate everything all at once (my mind is like a cartoon that’s playing super fast with all sort of images and colors and ideas floating around to the tune of really fast techno music) and focus on ONE ROOM AT A TIME. So, when we move in, what room should I start with? Small and easy, like a bathroom, or the big focal point – the family room?

Right now I’m pretty fixated on finding this exact mirror (but affordable) that’s hanging in the den in the model. ** Droool ** And that paint color?! Let’s just say it does it for me.


2 thoughts on “Decorating

  1. Amber Frey says:

    HI Jennifer! I stubled upon your blog site from your facebook page. Congrats on the start of the house! That is soooooo exciting. My hubby and I bought our first house about 3 years ago….and it was a long, draining process….but in the end….I promise…it was all worth it! Love the mirror and color of the wall in the pic! We just painted our guest room almost the same color and I am obsessed with it! Now I want to paint the whole house it! Jeremy thinks I'm crazy! Anyways, congrats again on the house!

  2. Amber Frey says:

    ( I meant "stumbled") 🙂

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