I don’t know about everyone else, but this weekend was way too short for us! I think we’re just aching for a 3 day weekend but with both of us being in jobs with limited holidays, it’s not looking good for us. We should have become teachers!

We kicked off the weekend with a trip on Friday night to Doghouse Grill in Fresno. I swear, their tri tip and pulled pork sandwiches are a sin, they are so good. We consider it to be one of the few highlights to/in Fresno. 😉 We had our sandwiches, a mega huge basket of fries, and some Blue Moon on tap (the BEST) and watched a bit of the Olympics on the big screen. Well, I should re-phrase that… we watched the sorry excuse for a sport called Curling on the big screen.

Seriously?! That is so not a sport, let alone an Olympic sport worthy of earning a medal for. Good night!!! I think I should give it a shot because I can sweep and mop a floor like it’s nobody’s business and it looks about the same. So weird. The Canadians must have thought of that one. It’s the only bit of the Olympics Ryan and I have watched and what a waste!

On Saturday we slept in just a little bit and then went out to grab some coffee and a doughnut at Tom’s. Another place we will miss when we move. We chatted for a bit and then decided to drive around and hit up some yard sales. After scouring about 15 blocks, we hadn’t found 1 yard sale. Lame! So, we decided to head to the local thrift store. There wasn’t too much there, but Ryan did find a very cool old suitcase as he was searching for a bathroom in the back, which I demanded that we buy. He’s considering it to use to store his guitar pedals and if that doesn’t work out, I think it would look really cool propped in the corner of one of the rooms. We’ve even though about finding some other ones in different sizes and colors. Very cool. It makes me smile…

After that, we headed home to do a little gopher hunting. Our poor front lawn is absolutely infested with the little buggers. So, we flood their holes with water, wait for them to come our choking and soaking wet… and… we smash them… with a shovel. Barbaric? Yes. But if you saw our front lawn and how freakishly ugly a gopher is up close, you wouldn’t blame us. Though, I still marvel at the girl that I’ve become since I left Orange County. It’s remarkable. 🙂 Jackson absolutely loves to help with the hunt and is a master gopher killer. Once chomp in his mouth and they’re done for. What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I’ll spare you the photos, and yes, there are dead gopher photos.

We lazed around most of the afternoon in between doing a few loads of laundry, a bit of picking up around the house, a few Wii games and making some lemon simple syrup for iced tea. That last one was all me. 🙂 I’m thinking of making some lime simple syrup for margaritas this weekend. Mmmm!

Sunday morning we headed to church, then home for Fajita Sunday. Yumm! And though we tried to resist it, after resting on the couch for a bit… the need for naps kicked in. A few hours later… we were up and at ‘em again. 🙂 Ryan headed off to basketball and I stayed to catch up on some emails, bills and other stuff. And before we knew it, the weekend was over. 😦

We’re hoping for a few things this week: 1) That the week goes by fast, 2) That they pour our foundation at the new home, and 3) That we can think of something fun to do next weekend. Any suggestions?


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